“Ellen is a breath of fresh air in an all-too-serious world. As my speaking professional colleague and friend, she’s shown me new ways to find and express humor in my presentations and in everyday life. She’s a true ‘edu-tainer,’ combining great content and plenty of laughter in all her programs. If anyone can help you ‘laugh yourself sane,’ it’s Ellen Clapp! – Linda B. Shields, M.S.,CCC-SLP, Speaking With Authority, Inc.

Laughing yoga was a great approach to stress relief and focusing on the positive. In addition, I was able to work with muscles that usually don’t get attention. Ellen is a fun and clear instructor. I highly recommend laughing yoga!! – Leslie Williams

Video Testimonial for Laughter Yoga from Dr. Mark Trell

Video Testimonial for Laughter Yoga from  Dr. Julianne Trell

Video Testimonial for Laughter Yoga from  Michelle Day

Video Testimonial from Professional National Certified Speaker/Comedian – Frank King

Video Testimonial from Chaplin,  Beth Roberts


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