Laughter Yoga

“Where the breath meets the funnybone”laughteryoga1

If you can laugh

If you can breathe

If you know it’s time to try something new

If you would like to return to a simple state of joy and receive more

Then Laughter Yoga is for YOU!

Laughter Yoga is a revolutionary movement that is happily sweeping the globe.

The term “yoga” refers to yogic breathing methods and naturally occurs in laughter exercises.  No jokes required.

We sit or stand with no complex poses so anyone can participate.  Our interaction with each other fuels the laughter that only increases until the final destination-a laughter meditation.

All you need is your laughter to reap the benefits.  Even pretend laughter will provide the same tremendous health benefits as real, genuine laughter.  So you can “Fake it till you make it!”

laughteryoga2The story of Laughter Yoga began in 1995.  Dr. Madan Kataria, a medical doctor from India, was writing an article entitled ”Laughter The Best Medicine.”  Upon field testing the impact of laughter on himself and others for the article, he discovered our own bodies cannot differentiate between pretend and genuine laughter.  One minute of pretend laughter brought amazing results and turned into genuine laughter.  Fun activities were created for the laughter exercises and Dr. Kataria’s wife, Madhuri, a yoga teacher suggested adding deep, yogic breathing.    As a result of this testing, Laughter Yoga was born.